Locker Widget

I’ve been having this issue at work where I keep forgetting to lock my computer up when I leave my office. Not a biggie … there’s very little likelihood of some stranger wondering around our place. But nonetheless, the obsessive compulsive in me demanded a solution!

Up to now, I had my computer setup so that one of the hot corners would trigger the screensaver. The screensaver would require a password and voila! But it turns out that I don’t like screensavers much and I would always manage to accidentally trigger the hot corner.

When I saw Lock-It, I realized that a Dashboard widget is the perfect solution. However, that particular implementation didn’t appeal to me much. It was too big and the graphic wasn’t properly alpha blended. I tried to fix it up using different images. In the end, gave up and started from scratch. Heh, it’s a good way to learn about Dashboard! As it turns out, it was really quick and easy to get going.

Locker is the end product. Get it while it’s hot!