Greatest Keyboard Ever

Apple KeyboardWhen the new iMacs were announced, I was in Cupertino and tried out one of the new keyboards just for a few quick moments. It seemed pretty good at the time so when I got back to work, I pouted until they ordered me one…

Well yesterday, it had finally arrived and it’s awesome! I find it to be way more comfortable and easier to type on than anything I’ve used before. I’ve heard some bad reviews which made me doubt my original order but they couldn’t be more wrong in my case. I know that it’s a matter of personal taste to a large degree, so it’s probably not the perfect keyboard for everybody but if you’re dissatisfied with your current one, you should try this one out.

My previous keyboard was the Macally IceKey which now seems bulky and weird to me. Funny how a few seconds turns the tide and sets a new standard!