Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Music

If you’ve ever purchased music from the iTunes Store you may know that there are limitations imposed on the files that you get. Without going thru some quality loss, you’re limited to playing it in iTunes or an iPod only.

Recently, a bunch of European governments have started complaining about this. Rightfully so!

And, in response, Steve has posted his thoughts on DRM. His position is that Apple cannot realistically open the FairPlay DRM to other vendors without it resulting in leaks in the protection. So, he argues, music should either be protected with proprietary technology by each vendor (like Apple, Sony, and Microsoft do today) or it should just be protection-free, open to everybody.

Personally, an iTunes Store with no DRM would definitely get my business so I’m really glad that these issues are finally being explored by the European governments. Hopefully, with enough pressure, the music labels will remove the DRM requirements to the music they sell online and Apple will follow suit.

One can only hope that all this nonsense will eventually go away!


I was really stoked on Thursday. I found out that I’ll be going to WWDC this year. Sweet! I’m in San Francisco right now. Got in just a few hours ago.

This is really exciting for me; I’ve never been to WWDC before and it’s kind of an expensive conference. If I didn’t go on business, I would probably never get to go on my own.

This year’s should be really fun with all the buzzing rumours about new products and machines, and whatnot…

Blogging from TextMate

I saw this this today and it tickled me in a weird way. TextMate is a crazy beast and it’s interesting to see blogging support in a text editor.

Textmate Blogging

I also liked the automatic uploading of images as you drag them into an article. Something MarsEdit could learn from.

Apple vs iPod

For kicks, I wanted to see how the “Apple” and “iPod” brands compare on Google Trends. I was a little surprised on how close the two brands are in terms of mindshare.

It’s really interesting! You can try “iMac”, “iBook”, “MacBook” vs “iPod” as well …

Uhuh? Helpful Errors


Well this is as much Macromedia’s Adobe‘s fault (for using a crappy installer) as the maker of said installer.

Could this be any less helpful? How about telling me the name of the file with the bad permissions? Or how about letting me authenticate to nuke those permissions?