Alain de Botton

Interesting take on success and taking meritocracy ideas too far.

Microsoft loses first ISO vote on OOXML

It’s not the end of the story but still a good result. The Open Office XML “standard” is quite hideous and contains many non-interoperable quirks that — in a proper world — should definitely keep it away from certification.

Canada voted against the fast track motion.

Conservative Minority


Well, it’s not the best case scenario but it’s not the end of the world. The fascists ended up winning power today over the thieves, commies and traitors.

I would have preferred if my commies won but ’tis okay.

Some of the things that made me happy:

Horrible Subway Ad

WillPate on Flickr, has a picture of a new ad from Subway which reads:

France and Chicken
Somehow it just goes together

I saw it myself today while passing the Subway on Hornby Street. The weird thing is that it’s not an ad that’s being run in the States, it seems to be Canada only.

Even if Subway wants to appeal to bigots, what do Canadians have against France? Is there something that I missed? If they’re referring to the whole “freedom” fries fiasco, aren’t they a few years behind? I just don’t get the ad …

Book: “In the Public Interest”

Michael Geist has just announced that there will be a new book out in September about “the future of Canadian Copyright Law”.

The cool thing about this is that it will be CC licensed. This may or may not mean that it will be available for free (hopefully it is). Providing it as a free download would be a Good Thing™ and would open it up to a much larger audience than the book would otherwise receive. And, since this is an important topic, the more people know about it the better!

Personally, I’m looking forward to it cause I haven’t really had any time to educate myself on Bill C-60 and don’t know any of the details surrounding the Liberal proposed copyright reforms.