Blogging from TextMate

I saw this this today and it tickled me in a weird way. TextMate is a crazy beast and it’s interesting to see blogging support in a text editor.

Textmate Blogging

I also liked the automatic uploading of images as you drag them into an article. Something MarsEdit could learn from.

Radiant CMS

Managing a website is a huge pain. There’s so many tools out there and they all have serious limitations or they’re way too complicated to setup and use.

That’s why I was really pleased when I heard about Radiant CMS today. I gave it a quick spin and it seems like it’s doing everything right (ie simple enough to work). Very nice interface.

I can’t wait till they release a 1.0 product!

Uhuh? Helpful Errors


Well this is as much Macromedia’s Adobe‘s fault (for using a crappy installer) as the maker of said installer.

Could this be any less helpful? How about telling me the name of the file with the bad permissions? Or how about letting me authenticate to nuke those permissions?


Tubby 0.5.1

A kind user sent me a Simplified Chinese localization of Tubby so I’ve integrated it in. I’ve also been able to verify that Tubby runs fine on the new Intel machines.

Check it out.

Locker Widget

I’ve been having this issue at work where I keep forgetting to lock my computer up when I leave my office. Not a biggie … there’s very little likelihood of some stranger wondering around our place. But nonetheless, the obsessive compulsive in me demanded a solution!

Up to now, I had my computer setup so that one of the hot corners would trigger the screensaver. The screensaver would require a password and voila! But it turns out that I don’t like screensavers much and I would always manage to accidentally trigger the hot corner.

When I saw Lock-It, I realized that a Dashboard widget is the perfect solution. However, that particular implementation didn’t appeal to me much. It was too big and the graphic wasn’t properly alpha blended. I tried to fix it up using different images. In the end, gave up and started from scratch. Heh, it’s a good way to learn about Dashboard! As it turns out, it was really quick and easy to get going.

Locker is the end product. Get it while it’s hot!