Mayne Island

View from Piggott Bay
Piggott Bay

I was on Mayne Island this weekend. Jason’s grandparents have a cabin up there so a bunch of us went to escape the Big City.

Food, drinks, board games, nature, more food. Oh, and some Nintendo sprinkled around. Good times!

I’ll post some pictures when I get a little bit of time.

Update: I just uploaded the pictures.

Snow Tonight

March Snow (with Flash)
March Snow (with Flash)

I was about to sleep when I saw that Vancouver was getting covered by a light sheet of snow.

Awesome sight!


Somebody in my building really really (really!) loves Madonna’s new CD. It’s been playing almost daily (a few times a day). I haven’t been able to determine who it is yet …


Bingo rocks!

Yesterday, I finally went to the Bingo hall on Main Street with Sam. It’s really close to my place and I’ve always wanted to go but for some reason never found the time for it.

Anyway, the setup is pretty sweet. The game itself is really stressful; you get all these complicated patterns to fill up and there’s a few twists to it. It’s not rocket science but definitely harder than I thought it would be.

Lucky for us, one of the ladies who works there helped to explain all the rules. At one point she even came over to help a bit. It was really nice of her.

Long story short, Sam won 80$ and we split it evenly. Not too shabby for a 15$ investment! Definitely worth going to again.

Horrible Subway Ad

WillPate on Flickr, has a picture of a new ad from Subway which reads:

France and Chicken
Somehow it just goes together

I saw it myself today while passing the Subway on Hornby Street. The weird thing is that it’s not an ad that’s being run in the States, it seems to be Canada only.

Even if Subway wants to appeal to bigots, what do Canadians have against France? Is there something that I missed? If they’re referring to the whole “freedom” fries fiasco, aren’t they a few years behind? I just don’t get the ad …