Zasady Marthy

Congratulations to my Mom! Her first full book translation is about to be published in Poland. The book is called “Zasady Marthy” (the Polish version of “The Martha Rules”).

It’s great and, apparently, I’m going to get a copy!

iPhone Early Adopter Refund

Today, Steve announced that Apple will be giving out 100$ rebate to early iPhone customers since the iPhone was discounted yesterday by 200$.

Pretty nice! Normally, people should expect that electronics that they purchase will get cheaper but this was a sizable drop so it makes sense to thank early adopters.

Oh, and since the discount I’ve ordered mine now. I was hoping that the iPod touch would have Mail, but it doesn’t. The iPhone makes more sense then and I’m still hoping that it will be unlocked soonish.

Microsoft loses first ISO vote on OOXML

It’s not the end of the story but still a good result. The Open Office XML “standard” is quite hideous and contains many non-interoperable quirks that — in a proper world — should definitely keep it away from certification.

Canada voted against the fast track motion.

Greatest Keyboard Ever

Apple KeyboardWhen the new iMacs were announced, I was in Cupertino and tried out one of the new keyboards just for a few quick moments. It seemed pretty good at the time so when I got back to work, I pouted until they ordered me one…

Well yesterday, it had finally arrived and it’s awesome! I find it to be way more comfortable and easier to type on than anything I’ve used before. I’ve heard some bad reviews which made me doubt my original order but they couldn’t be more wrong in my case. I know that it’s a matter of personal taste to a large degree, so it’s probably not the perfect keyboard for everybody but if you’re dissatisfied with your current one, you should try this one out.

My previous keyboard was the Macally IceKey which now seems bulky and weird to me. Funny how a few seconds turns the tide and sets a new standard!


Ars Technica has a great very in-depth review of the iPhone. I don’t have my hands on one yet since they’re not available in Canada but one of my US co-workers brought the toy over and I love it.

It’s hard to describe just how nicely polished the interface is. Everything is animated but not in an overly obnoxious way. Even ignoring the phone features, this is a kick-ass PDA/iPod. The screen is great for watching movies, crisp, bright! Being able to connect to any open wireless, check your email, iCal, Safari, Address Book is amazing. I think those features alone make the product worth having.

It’s definitely going to set the bar higher for other cell phones. And that’s a good thing considering what’s out there right now.