Alain de Botton

Interesting take on success and taking meritocracy ideas too far.

iPhone Applications

iPhone ApplicationsFor me, the biggest new feature in the 2.0 iPhone update has definitely been the addition of the App Store.

I love the concept of applications on my mobile device and the ability to expand the functionality to meet my needs. Nobody has really done that successfully since the Palm phones and it’s great to see a modern take on that.

Although there’s a lot of crap in the store, the quality of the applications has been steadily increasing in the past weeks. My current favorites are Twinkle, Things (once it gets sync), Remote, Pennies, and WordPress.

Mac OS X Trash Command Line

I’ve always wanted to have a trash command and Dave Dribins has done it. Thanks!

Some sample usage:

% touch foo bar baz
% trash -l
% trash foo ba*
% trash -l
% trash -e
% trash -l

Install with gem:

% sudo gem install osx-trash

Zürich Chamber Orchestra

Nice Visuals from the Zürich Chamber Orchestra


Secrets is a System Preferences pane that provides a “collection of Mac OS X user defaults.”

Very useful for all those hard to remember user defaults. And good for discovering new ones too!